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Finished Raspberry Pi Mame arcade table

16 May

My mame arcade table is now pretty much 100% complete. I will publish the whole process soon but here are the pics of completed table.

Controls out

Controls in


Mame arcade coffee table: The carpentry bit

7 May



Before the electronics can all be put in, I had to do the carpentry bit.


I had the MDF cut by a friendly builder so all I had to do was assemble the two boxes and drill the holes for the joysticks and buttons.

I am still not happy with the hinge arrangement and might change that before the final step of painting.

MAME coffee table arcade: Plan 2

5 Apr

When i got my old school joysticks with MINIPAC, i realised the cables would be too short for putting the joysticks so far away from each other. In addition, the majority of games have the users using same orientation.

I decided to implement a much simpler cabinet with joystick drawer as illustrated above…

MAME arcade coffee table

29 Mar
A coffee table for my living room with arcade games built in including old classics such as Phoenix, Gauntlet, etc
In progress
Currently looking to create the table using 

– Raspberry Pi
– Home built table
– Classic joystick/button set with IPAC
-17 inch monitor