Traffic light: First Arduino sketch from scratch

13 Apr


Simple traffic light simulator sketch.
Written on notepad on iPad and pasted into Arduino.
Shame there is no better program on iPad for creating sketches but I believe it against Apple policy to allow programming other platforms on the iPad.

/* Traffic Light sketch

// Connected LED to
int greenled = 13;
int amberled = 12;
int redled = 11;

void setup() {
        pinMode (greenled, OUTPUT);
        pinMode (amberled, OUTPUT);
        pinMode (redled, OUTPUT);

void loop() {
        digitalWrite(redled, HIGH);                             //Start with red light
        delay(3000);                                                            //Stays red for 3 seconds
        digitalWrite(amberled, HIGH);           //Amber comes on as well
        delay(1000);                                                            //Both on for 1 second
        digitalWrite (redled, LOW);                             //Turn off red
        digitalWrite (amberled, LOW);           // Turn off amber
        digitalWrite (greenled, HIGH);          // Turn on green
        delay(5000);                                                            // Green for  5 secs
        digitalWrite (greenled, LOW);           // Turn off green
        digitalWrite (amberled, HIGH);          //Amber comes on
        delay (1000) ;                                                                  // for a second
        digitalWrite(amberled, LOW);            //Amber off ready for red


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